Tark e Wafa

Tark e Wafa is a 2024 Pakistani drama aired on ARY digital. Tark e Wafa drama cast name, story, writer, director, release date, day & timing, OST, and other details. The cast of this drama includes Mohib Mirza, Hina Chaudhary, Maya Khan, Zainab Qayoom, Maha Tahirani, Maha Tahirani.

Drama Story

In “Tarke Wafa,” Sabtain is a loving brother to his three sisters. After their parents’ death, his eldest sister takes on the responsibility of looking after them. When Sabtain gets married, his wife faces challenges fitting into the family. His eldest sister, played by Zainab Qayoom, makes Sabtain’s wife feel inferior, emphasizing that Sabtain’s primary loyalty should remain with his sisters, especially herself. The eldest sister is particularly driven by her greed for Sabtain’s wealth, which fuels her love for her brother and her desire to maintain control over the family.

Release Date: July 6, 2024
Timing:  Daily at 7:00 PM