Fairy Tale 2 Episode 1 Part 1

Watch Fairy Tale 2 Episode 1 Part 1 aired on the Hum TV channel on 5th August 2023, and enjoy the story of Fairy Tale 2 Episode 1 Part 1. Lose yourself in the gripping storylines and catch up on your favorite episodes of this must-watch Pakistani drama Fairy Tale 2. For even more captivating experiences, watch earlier episodes of Fairy Tale 2 right here! Stay tuned to dramasnite for a world of mesmerizing dramas and the best TV shows that fascinate you!

Fairy Tale 2 Episode 1 Part 1 5th August 2023

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Drama Story

During the sacred month of Ramadan in 2023, Hum TV produced a drama titled "Fairy Tale" that resonated profoundly with the audience, earning widespread adoration. The inaugural season's final episode graced the screens on the 22nd of April, 2023. This drama depicts the story of a young girl Umeed who dreams of a lavish life with shortcuts. She is a bit childish and lazy. Meanwhile, she comes across Farjad, a successful businessman who is always on the dot."Fairy Tale" weaves a tapestry of a world where love and friendship reign supreme. Fairytale season 2 shows the journey of Farjad and Umeed as a married couple. The drama's resonance with the viewers urged Hum TV to create a second season. This forthcoming "Fairy Tale" season will preserve the original ensemble cast in their authentic glory, a decision undoubtedly fueled by the audience's hunger for this enchanting tale. It will be amazing to see how the couple overcome their differences and set an example to live happily ever after.


Hamza Sohail, Sehar Khan, Adnan Raza Mir, Aena Khan, Ali Safina, Saleem Sheikh

Release Date: 5th August 2023 Channel: Hum TV Drama Name: Fairy Tale 2

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